What’s Going On?

I understand the people attempting to start a “war” over the Biden election because, once upon a time, I was one of them. I used to be an angry young man with a chip on my shoulder as big as all outdoors. The only reason I didn’t march on something was because I could not communicate with others who shared my solitary, disgruntled, self-defeating way of life.

But now, whether we like it or not, this sad bunch of guys who really need to lighten-up can talk to each other and encourage each other into being even bigger fools than I ever was. It’s possible, now, to wallow in the self-pitying reality of the guy who is angry about his particular variety of feel-good sauce has been taken off the market and is no longer sold in America. When you hate yourself for failing to be something, you can’t process the idea that the something you wanted to be was no good to begin with.

There is little to fear from these goofs who claim to be tough guys and wave guns around. The same kind of goofs sat down and shut up when the Jim Crow era ended down south, and they will sit down and shut up now. But they won’t get better. If only someone could make them understand how off-base they are. They are supporting a system of hyper-masculine propaganda that DOES NOTHING FOR THEM. The very system that HURTS them is what they are trying to defend, having been fed the most obvious bait from garbage sources like “Q-Anon” in the form of rumors about pedophiles in government.

It’s all crap. It won’t amount to much.


As long as the poison from the lies told about the 9/11 attacks, and the endless wars that followed, continues to flow in the veins of the American nation, we will grow sicker and sicker and eventually, if this poison is allowed to remain, what was once great will slowly die. Poisoned by what was intended, no doubt, to bring about “The American Century.” What a waste.

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  1. Amen Brother.
    I could see the Fascist attitude growing subtley in young people back in the late 70’s.

    I saw the obvious conditioning process by the NRA and gun merchants, also in the military. The Army found that in WW2 only about 25% of infantry guys actually aimed their weapons to kill enemy guys. Since then combat training has been much more focused on killing and being generally lethal. Happiness is a warm gun. Give everyone a lot of guns, make them crazy… and see what happens. Any person caught/convicted of insurgency should lose the privilege to own guns, fly, or drive a car, and to Vote. Oh yeah .. the NRA is being allowed to die on the vine because THEY don’t need them anymore. Oh and… all the Q’anon folks should be de-programmed and put in public works projects.

  2. Hello fellas,

    I just saw this;


    I have assisted various third world elections as part of my duties in the Australian Army, and I can you boys, these new laws being proposed by your new government are insane. They will destroy your election security guys. I don’t know what you guys have in your tap water in the US, but if you want your votes to count in future elections, you have to stop this bill from getting through. I still cannot believe what I read in that thing. Good luck over there, you need it.

    1. The peculiar way the election went down was just the latest in a long and ugly line of weird, strange stuff. In this day and age, the old standards of “right and wrong” went out the window long ago. It’s a Brave New World. Let’s talk about the illegal invasion of Panama. Let’s talk about the phony “war” with Iraq called The Gulf War where the outcome was pre-arranged. How about the invasion of Iraq, where Hussein ordered his military aircraft to be buried in sand. Then he told his generals to do NOTHING unless they heard from him, or his sons, directly. Then he and sons disappeared…

      Building Seven. During a terrorist attack, a controlled demolition. What the f*ck????

      Wait… they threw Osama Bin Laden’s dead body out of a helicopter over the Indian Ocean in order to “honor Muslim funeral customs???” What Muslim funeral custom involves throwing bodies out of helicopters????

      “Seven seven?” What was that? A British “9/11” that was just as phony as the U.S. version. It goes on and on and on…

      There is no truth, man. My vote never counted. There never was no monorail.

  3. The beat goes on
    So T -rump dumps his truth App
    He does everything that way..
    Find em. Fuck em Fergit em.

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