Why Putin Invaded Ukraine

Weirdly, the Russians have invaded their neighbor Ukraine, and have ended up doing what Russians have traditionally done for centuries. They’ve managed to set themselves up to lose a war with a puny neighbor while the rest of the world laughs at them and cheers for said puny neighbor. They did it in Afghanistan. They did it Finland. They did it against Japan. They have a remarkable record of picking fights with weaker neighbors and getting their ass kicked.

It’s traditional. Like…uh…vodka drinking.

Anyway, I thought I’d write this really, really insightful article–not only about Ukraine and Russia but about why the entire world seems to be going batshit crazy. I am fully qualified to do this, due to my having in my possession a thank-you note SIGNED by none-other than U.S. Senator Dave Durenburger. It doesn’t say what I did, but we’ll just leave that to your imagination, and mention, in passing, that it’s not as easy to slip out of a wetsuit and into a tux as Sean Connery makes it look.


The current insanity is the direct result of an ever-growing problem that will, eventually, become a center for controversy, but right now it’s barely known or understood. I mean, even the big time crazies on Youtube can’t imagine this. They’ve missed it (mostly) and although the facts are plain it’s only because you are smart enough to read my blog that you are going to get “the full scoop” and be able to share this with all your friends before you, me and a dog named Blue get rounded up and sent to Gitmo.

Here’s the deal.

There is a “sunshine” economy that is all Walmart and McDonalds and Ford pickups and it operates out in the open and everybody knows about it and it’s pretty easy to understand. Laws govern it. Banks control it. People live in it. It used to be what we called THE ECONOMY.

But, ever since World War II (and probably before that, in some form) there has a been a “shadow” economy. During the war, a VAST amount of what can only be called “treasure” fell into the hands of the U.S. “spy” organizations. This loot was collected by Germany and Japan in the most brutal manner. They scooped up gold and jewels and other stuff and tried to haul it back home. It ended up in caves or under castles or in railroad tunnels or WHO KNOWS. But it was found, and seized, by Uncle Sam and hauled away.

Of course, some poor schmuck must have said “Heavens to Betsy, fellows, this must be returned to the people of Burma or Russia or wherever!” But nobody listened to THAT guy. No, the loot became the “nest egg” of the new kind of government– run with crooked money, using crooked methods, and running “below the radar” in the shadows.

At first, it was just a big pile of loot, but it was difficult to spend (“You want to buy what with WHAT?” I can’t make change for a gold Buddha!”) but then highly skilled bankers happily joined the “spy team” and eventually what had been some “lost” gold and other stuff became the solid bedrock of an alternative source of money for covert operations. “Black Ops” could be funded. “Dictators” could be overthrown. Governments could be created and destroyed.

The power available to U.S. spy operations grew and grew. It must have been a heady time. Lots and lots of excitement.

And the amount of money just went up and up. Bankers are very skilled at taking ten dollars in gold and, using the magic of paper and contracts, turning that ten dollars of “hard” currency into a hundred dollars of “wealth” and then turning that hundred into a thousand of “securities” and then turning that thousand into ten-thousand in “assets” and then turning that ten-thousand into a hundred-thousand in “capital” and turning that hundred-thousand into a million in “influence.”

Keep in mind that the original gold was worth just ten bucks.

In addition to this banking, the spies were gradually being pulled into more and more “overt” gangsterism. It’s a short trip from “men with guns” to “men with guns who kill for money.” Gradually, the spies began to merge with the crooks. Bigtime organized crime was “eliminated” and “absorbed” into bigtime organized government black ops.

As the twentieth century ended and the “new age” began, so began a new age of shadow economy. The 9-11 attacks were part of an attempt to bury a vast trove of shadow economy records that had to be destroyed to continue the (by now) massive organization that was the shadow economy of 2001. But that is dwarfed by the shadow economy we have today. The shadow has grown to an unthinkable size. The banking industry is beginning to creak and groan with the size of the secret “baby” it’s carrying around. I’d guess that the shadow is rapidly growing, and will, at some point in the near future, become AS LARGE AS THE SUNSHINE ECONOMY.

Let’s take a look at this “shadow.” It’s powered by the “bedrock” of the original WWII loot, which must be resting somewhere (Switzerland?) but it is much, much more than that. The shadow is made up of all the illegal, immoral and otherwise nasty activities that used to be run by the Mafia, Mexican Gangs, Russian Gangs, the Yakuza and the Chinese Tongs. It’s also absorbed much of the sunshine banking system. Huge amounts of our sunshine economy are now resting comfortably on top of dirty, shadow money that was mined by secret organizations within “legitimate” governments.

A lot of what goes on today in our “sunshine” economy is really just the outcome of shadow business, being done more-and-more in the open but always with the understanding that this stuff is political “dynamite” and has to be “controlled.” Today, as we watch weird events happen in the world, we are living on the edge of the understanding that “things are not what they seem.” Look around at your own town. Do you see thriving businesses, manufacturing real products? Do you see an economy that is growing and prospering from the wealth being generated by legitimate sources?

Or do you see business after business that cannot be turning a profit because they are “service” businesses that are built out in the suburbs and could not see enough foot traffic to justify their existence if they stayed open all night and all day and offered BOGO deals on every thing they do? It’s nuts.

“Cities” are growing up in the woods near what used to be major metropolitan areas, and they are nothing but empty boxes where a few bored employees wait for death—uh, I mean quitting time. Amazon ships piles and piles of goofy stuff and we keep buying it while we sit in front of our monster TV’s and watch the “pundits” tell us about how Putin is trying to get, um, natural gas pipelines…or something.

No. We cannot know what is going on because we do not have access to the full story. Until we know what is happening in the shadow economy, we will NEVER understand the motives for the War of the Week. At this time, the “shadow” tail is wagging the “sunshine” dog. And it’s getting worse.

We are seeing our economy turn into a mostly “shadow” economy. The biggest sector in the U.S. (sunshine plus shadow) economy will (soon) be money laundering. Huge amounts of money, generated by the fusion of deep state modern banking and organized crime, will be shuffled around the economy through the endless wasteland of big box stores which exist to funnel crooked money into circulation. But as time goes on and banking becomes more centralized and computerized, even the big box stores will go away and we’ll see a desert waste-land, inhabited by a population of savages– who may or may not have mohawks– drifting along, drugged to the gills with prescriptions for all kinds of imaginary diseases, slowing being “cleansed” by the gradual application of bio-weapon technology, while robotic armaments take center stage and the wealthy elite rule a New Jerusalem of wide open spaces and empty townhomes, soon to be demolished and replaced by the rolling lawns and the green, green grass of Disney’s Main Street USA and Soylent Green is People!

2 Replies to “Why Putin Invaded Ukraine”

  1. This is all true. The Horror, The Horror.

    I don’t believe the Ukrainians will ever forgive us for this Stupid Horror War. We and NATO have become kinda dumb looking. Course Germany got religion to the TUNE of 100 Billions, no Shrub, NOT Brazillions. So more money into the pot. Notice no one screams about billions for Ukraine, again going into that big black account. When I was nine or ten years old; I had a vision, dream or waking dream about Coal Company accounting, in my Birth town of Norton, VA. I was in a low ceiling room with my Grandad, and there were desks and tables with black long carriage typewriters, huge black adding machines, and men in white shirts, and it was a big space, and I only saw one wall with windows, no doors, low light, and heard millions of soft clickings, whirring, tapping — I think they’re still there, they must be..


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