A Long, Long Slog

I’ve been working away like a happy little beaver. I’m going to record my videos in a kind of “live” manner with the whole thing going thru OBS. Then I’ll doctor up anything that needs doctoring with Shotcut or Audacity if it’s a sound problem. Hopefully, I’ll learn to just “do it” and put the recording up on Youtube without (a lot of) editing. I’m not crazy about editing, do not find it fun (because it’s all new to me) and I’m buried in a ton of new information anyway without having to try to learn to do everything using super-duper editing crap so that what I do ends up looking like MTV from the eighties.

I want to teach people how to paint plastic model kits without using spray painting. It’s a weird, lonely little place in the universe but it’s mine and I like it.

4 Replies to “A Long, Long Slog”

  1. If you’re going to be making long unscripted videos, I recommend putting timestamps in the description so people looking to learn something specific can jump straight to the part that’s relevant to them.

    1. I can’t stand long videos. I’m aiming at seven to ten minutes, tops. That’s enough time to teach one thing and then leave ’em wanting more…

      Show biz, you know.

      1. That’s perfect then. Maybe it was just the eerie flashbacks of suffering through rambling, hour long hobby videos that made me jump to that conclusion.

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