I have most (all?) of the gear I need to do videos now I just need to hop in there and start recording. The editing program I’ve chosen is Shotcut, and I’m happy with it so far. I lot of learning to do for an old-timer with very little experience at this particular activity. Should be fun.

My first video could end up being just an experiment– but I do need to convey some basic information about paint and why some paint is better than others for plastic model kits. I have some black and white “checkboard” material that will provide a good way to convey “coverage” when the paint is tested.

The other topic that needs covering is “brushes.” I have found that the cheapest Asian brushes are far superior to the fancy, expensive items sold at art supply stores and hobby shops. Kinda reminds me of some other things in life….

Of course, if I make the outrageous statement that a cheap brush beats a “Neptune 500 Del Monico Short-Hair Bristle (fancy)” then I have to make a video that SHOWS why and how this is true.

Now that’s something worth doing. For so many years– I’ve had to read about “old, wore-out brushes” that look like my favorites. It will be truly fun to dismantle this malarkey.

But seriously, folks. The Youtube is full of brash young people who are all “4K” (whatever that means) and they spend hours and hours flapping their gums and refusing to pronounce the letter “t.” Or– I mean– the letter “e.”

But, if they don’t pronounce the “e” how and can they pronounce the “t” unless they don’t pronounce the “e”– but if they do they can’t pronounce the “t!”

Oh dear.

I’ll keep you posted on anything new is something ha’ens. Keep your lips bu’unned and and the bu’ered side up.

2 Replies to “Progress…Slowly”

  1. The checkerboard idea is inspired.

    Tiny tooting trains trundle through tunnels taking truffles to towns, traversing tracks through tall trees to Troll territory. Tis thrilling terrific transportation towards the towered terminal.

    1. When I was a kid, I used to talk like a “hep cat” and felt that, for a pale, pudgy white boy in Ogden, Utah, I was pretty cool. I remember thinking, even at the age of eight, that the ability to talk “hip” was the sole prerogative of the young. At my age, dropping my “t’s” would be about as appealing as dropping my pants.

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