A New Beginning

I managed to get the old “dogma72” changed to “thebrushpainter” and life is good. I’m still working on getting the forwarding part of the equation to work, but the new site is now operating according to plan. It’s a major upheaval. I sincerely doubted that it was going to work (for a while) as I struggled to learn something new.

Yesterday I couldn’t spell webmaster, today I are one.

If, by some freakish accident of nature, you happen to have found this blog despite the recent changes, and you did it on your own– congratulations. You are a steely-eyed missile man.

The Brushpainter will be my trademark “going forward.” It will be applied to my blog, my forum activities (HAH!) and Youtube channel. “Dogma72” was a bad joke that turned more and more sour as time passed. I’m hoping to be able to eradicate (or minimize) its existence over the next few months, and completely change my approach to “branding.”

A brand is a valuable thing. Finding one that works and really “sings” is a quite tricky. I feel like I’m on the right path now. The Brushpainter has a lot of positive things going for it. I’m hoping to associate it with high quality tutorials done in a minimalist fashion concerning using non-toxic methods to build plastic model kits.

No harm, no foul, they say. Perhaps I can adapt that into “no harmful fumes, no foul odors?”

Yes. I can see it now. I vast empire of kiosks in dead malls across America. All employees will be required to wear Crocs…

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  1. I was wondering what happened when I went to look for the Patreon link and the site was down. Good job on getting the domain name.

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