The New World Order and Stuff

I’m sure that y’all knew that I knew that you knew that I knew that you knew that my April 1 blog entry was a joke. But did you know that it was a REVERSE JOKE because I put a portion of truth WITHIN the blog entry so that I could come back to it and write this, post-modern blog entry which is now a part of the PREVIOUS blog entry?

Well, did you know that?

I’m going to suck all the juice out of the giant grape called life. Just suck, suck, suck, suck until I can’t suck any more. I now have a Patreon setup (whatever the Hell it’s called) and YOU can give me money if you so desire.

Furthermore, I will start a new Youtube channel with a name like “No Airbrush” or something equally catchy, and shut off all comments so that those of you who have been waiting for an opportunity to roast me over an open fire will just have to keep waiting, suckers. Both of you.

I’ll allow comments on my Patreon, but you’ll have to PAY TO PLAY. I’m perfectly willing to endure the slings and arrows, as long as I’m getting paid. How perfect is that?

Furthermore, if you don’t want to play mindgames, I’ll soon set up a page (to be announced on THIS VERY BLOG) over on where you can just buy me a coffee like a man.

My video will mimic the work of my mini-painting brethren and cistern, and provide some real up-close views of my doing my thing. Everything, all my intimate secrets, will be revealed. I’ll prove to the skeptics that I do, in fact, glue the “wing tops” to the fuselage halves and thereby avoid all gap filling, and you’ll be able to actually see it happen like some Star Wars special effects.

Did I do it? OR IS IT DEEPFAKE???

I’ll also show, in real time, such things as stippling, paint mixing, color matching, brush cleaning, what makes a good brush, what makes a good paint, how to thin paint, and a many many more.

Now how much would you pay?


You STILL get this blog, and all the fun stuff you enjoy here. Don’t forget that I provide you ingrates with mighty fine reading material over at Kindle Vella, and I’m still working like a beaver on GRRR and those of you who could care less how it turns out will be noted and your names and addresses will be recorded.

So fear not, my friends. I intend to launch an all-out assault on the internet and I will beat it into submission, and then drag the bloody corpse into the throne room and throw it on the floor.

Like I usually do.


2 Replies to “The New World Order and Stuff”

  1. Dammit, you really are going to put an end to my “pseudonynous” commenting, aren’t you. I will admit I thought the Patreon link was a joke, but it’s not a bad idea.

  2. Can’t wait
    My point of view on videos is this . . I mostly prefer ‘how I did it’s’ to be in print form. Its much easier in my case, to read and recall, refer back to, and do, than in videos.
    Of course painting brushly is a very dynamic thing, unlike gluing
    teeny parts and things like that. The video you shared of Frenchie working the decals is a great example of dynamic stuff you need to see to believe, thanks. So I look forward to your videos.

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