A Sub-Optimal Post

I’m not working on the Golden Hind today. But I do want to go back and do a “follow up” on a couple of things–so today’s post will be less “action news” and more “thoughtful analysis.”


I wanted to explain about the work I did planning to modify the blocks so that they could be “adjusted” when tied to the rigging.

This turned out to un-needed. The blocks get tied to the line, and then they slide up and down the line because the knot that secures them to the line has a little slack in it, and so it’s not “frozen” in place. Fortunately, I have two-kits-worth of blocks, so this one can be put back in the slush pile. This is something that I would have known about if I had ever done this before, but in my previous efforts to build this model kit I never got this far into it.

Another thing I want to clarify is my suggestion that Revell invented or pioneered the plastic model ship kit. I don’t know if they did or not, and certainly Revell did not have the mind-numbing optimism of the French company Heller, who have produced plastic model sailing ships of such size and complexity that when you buy one you should have to sign a waiver–“I won’t blame le Industrie Heller for my subsequent breakdown..signed…

I can only imagine Gerard Depardieu pondering the imponderables of life while a model of the Soleil Royal slowly accumulates in the background.

Mon dieu.


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