The rigging of the foremast is complete.

As anybody who is an expert on 16th century rigging will immediately notice, there are a couple of bogus lines in this rig. They are there to make sure that the sails “billow” properly. The sails should look like they are being pushed by the wind, or at least not just hang there like vac-formed sails that are tied to masts. C’mon fellas BILLOW!

This part of the rigging is the most difficult on this model, because the space is so constricted.

I’m aware that I should have coils of rope on the floor–er–sorry, DECK. Not gonna happen. Several well-healed rats have already made offers on this nest, so I’m doing SOMETHING right. The rodent community loves it!

Here’s another view of the “billowing” sails (I’m not sure why I’m putting quotes on that either).

The rigging is, in fact, getting easier as I gain familiarity. Like most things, it’s just a matter of climbing that ole learning curve.



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