Ah, Man! What Up!?!?!

Oh Lord. Deliver us from the fury of the Norsemen.

I ain’t a hater.


But I do kinda hate Vallejo Model Color.

And here we have the Super Star, the Amadeus of Mini Painters, the golden childe of something something, telling the whole world. and me, that Vallejo Model Color is THE BEST PAINT IN THE WORLD for painting “ninnies.”



I have to keep in mind that WHAT THEY DO IS NOT WHAT I DO but how many innocent neophytes, tyros, novices and other woodland creatures will go forth into the game store, model shop, arts and crafts store or whatever and depart with a load of Vallejo’s Holy Oil and find out that it, well, sucks.

I dunno. It’s very obvious to me that somebody here is wrong as wrong can be. I mean, if they said “Yeah, it’s usable, considering that we paint teeny-weenies with itsy-bitsies and all that”– but THE BEST IN THE WORLD???

Never fear. I intend to start video production as soon as 1) I wrap up the novel GRRR, and 2) my wizard’s cape arrives from Amazon.

3 Replies to “Ah, Man! What Up!?!?!”

    1. Wizards cape is it. Can I get an invisibility cloak!
      I’ve just realized there hasn’t been any chatter lately about US military cloaks, must gave gone black super secret?
      I can just imagine military modelers discussing how to weather one.

  1. And oh yeah a guy who would make that adolescent picture of his face in paint bottles is just that, the adolescent part.

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