Alan Zweig and True Genius

If you’ve never heard of Alan Zweig then perhaps you’ve heard of his magnum opus– Vinyl? Vinyl is a documentary film in which he not only skewers all his former friends for being record collecting nerds, he admits to being a record collecting nerd himself and walks proudly into that rough country where the self-outed roam.

I love this guy’s style and his his films are very good– but something about Vinyl is really special. He knows it too, because he re-cut the movie and issued an alternate version of it. Here it is:

I’m posting about film-making because from now on, this is video and models and everything else blog, and all my unholy obsession with video/film will finally be on display and you will finally be able to complete that report to headquarters and declare me insane once and for all.

I really do want what I’m doing on my blog/channel to act as a “worm hole” that links a bit of the Warhammer craze with the olde hobbye. Warhammer is rolling now like a wall of thunder. I went to the hobby store an there was a nine-foot tall Space Marine standing by the door. The shelves that had been dedicated to Gunpla were now all Warhammer all the time.

Wow. This is a genuine “fad” and it’s fun to see it take off and go crazy. But I have something to add to the conversation, I hope, and I will.


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  1. So are you gonna interview model hoarders, uhm collectors,
    like the guys that will shell out $500.00 for an Aurora Zero. Who the heck has that kind of $$$ ?

    Before I forget your new site works really well.

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