And so, fatigue sets in…

I’m feeling old today. I signed up for, and started a Tumblr blog (because it be free) but I know I’m an oldie and that is that. I was rizz-razzed by the droogs at Jimmy John’s, and I don’t begrudge them a little of the ultra-violence and karblonkies with the old gabroochnies, unless they decide to do a little of the old in-out in-out.

So I go my sandwiches, but barely. Sigh…

Oh, and I ran into a window on the way out, since the window was super clear and invisible, and it went from the ceiling to the floor, and the weather was 75 degrees and sunny and it COULD have been an open patio.

But it wasn’t.

Here, oh blessed last friends I have in the multiverse, is my link to my blessed Tumblr things.

Ciao, bambini.

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