Another One Bites the Dust

Some images shot on my ancient camera. I’ve been thinking about launching a GoFundMe page to raise money to buy a new camera.

I wasn’t kidding about the camera thing.

Yaller Dawg decals.


I think this aircraft was probably painted up in “warpaint” as a publicity stunt to show off North American Aviation’s newest design. The FROG kit is about as accurate as an actual frog. Still, it makes a cool model, IMHO.

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  1. Nice finish, Dan! Thanks for blogging it. I have yet to try a Frog kit. However, I can’t say that this build has encouraged me to try one! Is that your flat Future mix in the bottle to the right of the Tamiya Flat Base? The base looks real similar to the old Airfix bases. What is up next? I’m waiting for the holiday sales to see if I can pick up a B-17 cheap. I may try the Mettlecoat on it, if I’m feeling lucky.

    1. Yes, that is the clear flat in the tall bottle. The stand is the original FROG stand. I like the look of it. FROG kits were good kits for their time. Most of them don’t have the obvious errors of this one. But then again the problems with plastic kits of Mustangs are still a mystery to most model builders. There’s more nonsense online about filled wing panel lines and aluminum lacquer (oh brother!) than the fundamental shape of the wings. That gets lost in translation somehow. I guess the rule is “buy a perfect kit and then obsess over the perfect paint job.” That may amuse some people but it’s just another source of stress to me. I say it’s spinach, and I say the hell with it!

  2. Another one down, and very nice too. My latest effort, a cheapie smer 1/72 dewoitine 520 is currently in ‘disaster recovery mode’. The colours look ‘off’, and my Aqua has, for some unknown reason, produced a few runs with the paint, so light sanding and possible colour changes are in order. It is during these periods that I usually find myself reaching for the ever reliable enamel paints to fix up the disaster, even though I swore this would be an all acrylic operation…No, I will be strong.

  3. Sanded back, and recoats currently on (in acrylic). Unfortunately, I am running out of spare Tamiya jars to hold my custom mixes. I know you use your old pollyscale and MM Acryl jars, but have you seen other alternatives? I am guessing tamiya jars would cost a few cents apiece to manufacture, but damned if I can find any knockoffs for sale anywhere. The only things I find in abundance are the Vallejo dropper bottles, and I don’t want to use those with Aqua. Any ideas?

    1. I reuse bottles because they’re “free.” If I were going to buy bottles, I’d just google bottles and/or search eBay. You can buy new bottles of just about any type in reasonable quantities (not fifty thousand) and they’ll be delivered to your door. In the year 2017, we’ll see little robot helicopters deliver them. Oh wait…

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