Atlantic Fleet

As part of my ongoing crusade to keep myself entertained during the apocalypse, I tried to play my old friend, Medieval Total War XL, and discovered that it no longer worked. Sad face.

But this unhappy event aroused me from my slumber, and prompted me to get off my lazy butt and get a new game or two– or, at least, put some of the old games on my laptop and so have easy access to electronic time wasting wherever and whenever I feel the need.

And so, in the end, the destruction of Army Group Medieval allowed me to grow as a person, and, gosh darn it, as a gamer.

I went into Steam (which is terrible in concept but works fine in reality, like marriage) and spent five bucks on a game called “Star Explorers” which turned out to be unplayable on my system. Oh well. I’m not that big on science fiction games nowadays. I just can’t get into it like I did when I was a lad and it all seemed like something I might see someday in a shining city on a hill.


So I tried again, in a sort-of “I’ll spin this JUST ONE MORE TIME and then hit the buffet” sort-of way, and I got a winner.

Atlantic Fleet is more fun than a barrel of non-racist monkeys. It’s goofy in a lot of ways, but it checks off all the boxes for a fun time for a weird old guy like myself, who’s into shooting stuff and booms and ships at sea and all that. The ships look cool, and the ‘splosions are bitchin’.

It’s very definitely not a game for the “hard core” crowd, but who gives a damn about them? Who? Name me one person!

(By the way, I used to be pretty “hard core” myself, as far as game playing went, but then I realized how dumb that sounds. I mean really.)

So if you’re angry, lonely or bored, get some Atlantic Fleet action at your favorite downloading site and get busy sinking the Bismarck.

3 Replies to “Atlantic Fleet”

  1. A good source for old school games that will work on modern systems is GOG Galaxy. Somewhat like Steam, but lots of vintage games.

  2. You all good over there old horse?

    Looks like there’s a nasty little coup on these days. Media seems to be tied down nicely I see, right across the ‘free’ world.

    Just making sure you are all good mate.

    1. The truth is that if the TV didn’t insist on telling me about it, I’d never know anything was going on. Thanks for being a loyal subscriber and paying your dues on time. Don’t forget… “I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords.” Say this early and often!

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