Back on the Bottle

Here, then, is the Holy Gospel of Paint, as revealed to me while I was inhaling nice, clean air.

Plastic, Dropper Type Bottles


These are wonderful for airbrushing. They allow the painter to put a few drops in the cup with no muss or fuss. You can shake the bottles to mix the paint and if they are properly thin you get excellent results every time.


These things are awful (in The Joker sense). You can use them only if you remove the dropper end and then insert a stirring stick to stir. Shaking produces BUBBLES which will mess up your finish (not a problem with an airbrush, of course, since the problem just doesn’t arise). But even if you surrender to the Turks and buy them you still can’t see INTO the bottle to see if the paint is mixed. The opaque plastic makes mixing paint impossible unless you transfer it to another container, which is a good idea anyway.


Airbrush painting and brush painting are two entirely different worlds. They require different skills, different equipment, different tools…

Hell, they may as well be on different planets. All this time I’ve been fighting the minions of evil I overlooked the very real possibility that the REAL enemy was lurking behind the scenes all the while, pulling the strings. Paint for brushing isn’t good paint for airbrushing, and vice-versa. Some day soon, as sure as little green apples from Indianapolis, paint makers will have to CHOOSE. Which way? If they choose the airbrush past they will be on the wrong side of history. They will be just like any other animal, living and dying for nothing, meaning nothing. But if they choose to embrace the drippy brush of destiny, then we will stride on to a future where all men are brothers and all women are sisters but they are not each other’s brothers and sisters (or at least I hope not).


Or that.

Which shall it be?


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