Battling Blogs

Why, oh why, do I do it? Why do I visit Hyperscale when I know that I will ALWAYS find something that raises my blood pressure? Why?

Hey. It’s a bona-fide medical condition. It’s called foolbliopia. Look it up.

I found this blog entry from my friend Spencer Pollard. Mr. Pollard promotes his blog on Hyperscale which I can’t do because I’ve been banned from there. In this entry. Mr. Pollard uses a lot of words to say “A Poor Modeler Blames His Kit.” He also explains that the “Kittyhawk Fitter” is a complex kit because the Fitter “is a complex aircraft and thus demands a complex kit to do it justice” (quoted from Mr. Pollard’s blog). It’s not a bad kit, but it may be beyond the skill level of some model builders.

OK. I get it.,

Funny thing is, this kit was reviewed by another blogger, our friend Doogs, who slammed the kit to within an inch of its life and cast several mild curses in the direction of Kitty Hawk, whoever they are. I don’t read Doogs’ blog very often because he seems to me like a confused young man who wants to believe that model building is entirely a matter of masculine virtues like pure engineering and mechanics, with none of that squishy, feminine stuff like artistry or creativity. He is also downright hostile to brushpainting. Scary.

But Doogs does a good job on his blog, to which he is dedicated, and he also builds some epic models, bro. So he surely can’t be blaming the Kitty Hawk kit for his own failings. In fact, he provides a mind-boggling encyclopedia of what’s wrong with the Kitty Hawk Fitter and in so doing pretty-much slams the door on further criticism.

If you want to dispute the writings of Doogs, you must confront them directly. Otherwise, you end up looking, well, stupid.

I read Mr. Doogs and Mr. Pollard, not because I wish to counteract the effect of my anti-hypertensives, but because I like to keep abreast of the latest. Why I like to do that…that is the question.

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