Beloved Super Glue

Say hello to my little friend.

Super glue allowed me to put some of the stuff (carefully!) on the “top” of the yard on the bowsprit, and then (after cutting it loose) pulling the sail up onto the yard so that it has the proper “billowing” appearance.

Ahhhhhh…. Now we’re talkin’! That Andy Gump (no…not Forrest Gump..for the love of God just stop).

Here’s Andy Gump.

As I was saying, that Andy Gump spritsail bugged me.

I figured out a way to fix it. Superglue. It worked, it solves the problem, and it was effective.

The sails are now flying like they should before a strong wind directly behind the ship.

We’re in my universe now, and in my universe that’s exactly how it should look.

I rigged up another “furled” lateen sail and now we’re back in business with a capital “B.” The lateen sail was not needed for “push” or steering or whatever it did. With the wind directly at our backs, we’re ready to destroy Spanish shipping, slaughter Spaniards and loot the New World in a very polite and proper British way.

One thing I know about the ocean is that strong winds produce big waves. I intend, therefore, to display the model on a serene and quiet fireplace mantel, with no indication of a stormy virtual sea boiling around it. To add realism small figures will be painted up and glued to the deck, wearing appropriate expressions of excitement due to the breath-taking twelve-knot speed of the stationary ship.

I’ll also offer blows to the head using a baseball bat to true sea-dogs who want to feel the rolling deck and realistic motion sickness. To top off the effect, my dog Freckles will slobber all over their face in a precise duplication of “salt spray” (saltier if her nose is running).




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