Bit of a Website Crash

My WordPress installation crashed and forced me to reinstall. Unfortunately, the plug-ins that control things like automatically approving comments and notifying you of a new post via email are not certified to run with this new version of WordPress.

Until I can figure out a safe way to test these things, I’m going to proceed very carefully. I won’t be activating the plug-ins until I’m sure that it won’t cause some kind of disaster. If you really depend on the email notifications, then you’ll have to painfully alter your behavior of just drift away out to sea.

We will miss you.

In the meantime, go ahead and try out FeedDemon. This program was kidnapped and murdered by Secret Police in 2013. It is too nerdy and too difficult to spy on. I use it all the time while I browse all sorts of nefarious blogs and the feds will never get me! Try it yourself and learn how real nerds follow blogs. I won’t be able to track you if you do.

No, seriously, I won’t be able to track you or record who you are. You can follow my blog all day and I won’t know. See why it’s gone?

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