In my never-ending quest to find new things to dislike about youth culture, I discovered a video where a young man explains everything you need to know about “bugmen.”

It was fascinating and horrifying at the same time. Every generation has blind spots. For the youth of today, the blind spot is located somewhere in Nazi-land. I’m not talking about Germany. I’m talking about a whole way of looking at the world where, whether you understand it or not, you’re a Nazi.

One of the reasons I got rid of the “dogma 72” brand was that it was a joke based on an idea that started with Lars Von Trier, who’s a Nazi. It’s very easy to fall into Nazi thinking. In fact, most people, at some point, hold Nazi ideas and are unaware of it. They’re unaware because the whole “Nazi” thing is just not being faced and this is dangerous.

The idea of “bugmen” is a Nazi idea. It’s all about how awful it is not have “roots” into a “culture.” I’m over-simplifiying, but, TRUST ME, you don’t want me to go into full-on professor mode here. This kind of argument reminds me of a very common species of person who used to inhabit every university in the world (back in my day, fifty years ago). These were “Marxists” and they LOVED to argue (with other Marxists). It was nuts.

“Bugmen” man sounded a lot like the old-school Marxists who could speak for a week, never get to the point, and remain outraged all the way through, using a technical vocabulary (dictatorship of the proletariat) that would choke a mule. Only now, these guys dodge being labeled, but, TRUST ME, they are Nazis at heart. The idea that we all possess an inner “identity” that is determined by something like our “blood and soil” is a Nazi idea.

Bugmen have abandoned being “real men” by abandoning the things that are “important” (family, faith, country) and embracing the dirty commie stuff like love and compassion.

Commies, by the way, would never accept being described in this way. They’d want more information about the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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    1. Oh! OH! I see what you did there!! Where is the ghost of Karl May when you need him? Old Shatterhand and his faithful Indian companion… whose name escapes me… would sort this all out post haste!

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