How Do You Spell Dostoevsky?

I’ve been puzzling over how to do a series of videos on brushpainting. My first big hurdle is that Testors got out of the Model Master business and so I can’t use their paint as the “foundation” of my “method.” I’m gonna hafta adapt. Adopt. Accept. Undergo agonizing reappraisal.

A video has a weird way of becoming “solid” and taking the message right into the underpants of the viewer. Sure, books and stuff have information in them, but videos– YOU CAN WATCH ‘EM!

Nothing on this planet provides the same impactfulness as a video.

It sounds like the voice of God. When I try to ‘splain that the bad men took my paint, it sorta makes sense here in Wordland, where Aristotle once defined “men” in a way that also included plucked chickens as “men.”

In a video, that would look dumb.

So I’m left with no paint that I can endorse, and that’s a big problem considering that my “method” DEPENDS on the paint. This is a situation where a better man (or chicken) might go to Kickstarter and make some paint to replace the olde brande.

But no.

I have paint that I can use, but could I really recommend it to “everybody” which is what I have to do on a video? Will all that hemming and hawing just sound like a weasel in a weasel world to a vast ocean of viewers who already think I’m senile? I just don’t use Revell enough to claim to be an expert on it. Hataka is paint that I first used a few weeks ago. I’m no expert there. Golden So-Flat is paint for experts, not beginners. Should I just make videos for expert brushpainters only? Does the word salad I just tossed even make sense in my twisted reality?

It’s up to you, gentle readers. I don’t get much feedback. I get a few, a precious few “thank you’s” but really, I don’t know if I’m making any sense here. New types of small air compressors–sold for a few cents by Red China and combined with super-cheap airbrushes, are making my “style” of painting look weirder all the time.

The eternal snark: “JUST BUY AN AIRBRUSH” — is impossible to refute if the group mind is just made up and there’s nothing that can be done. But I’ll leave it up to my “fans.” if you really want to see some videos on how to do something that the world has declared “obsolete” then let me know. Up until Testors bailed on me, I really didn’t believe that it was true.

Now, I’m not so sure.

My alternative plan is to go off to live in a tree in the dark forest and produce magical, brushpainted models from time to time, and magic swords for those on quests as required.

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  1. A possibility might be to make a video or two where you simply show how you paint, and leave out any discussion about why airbrushing might not be as ‘good’ as the mainstream suggests. Maybe the video would show how to build a simple, 1/72 scale Spitfire or Mustang from beginning to end where it’s completely brushpainted using your method?

    1. I think that’s an excellent suggestion. My original plan was to do some kind of “paint comparison” but that idea seems very weak, now that Squidmar and company have declared that Vallejo Model Color is the best paint in the world (for painting miniatures). I’m starting to think that what I do is SO odd that my first task is to simply demonstrate that it actually exists. Get a bigfoot on camera, so to speak. Once the shock wears off, then I can discuss my “preferences” if I think there’s need for it.

  2. You could just make videos using Revell to start off with, then follow up with an advanced series using Golden SoFlat.

    1. Using Revell not only means buying more paint but it also means MIXING paint, and if I’m going to do that I might as well use the Golden So-Flat that I’ve already purchased, eh?

      Beginners will be left bleeding in the dust as my coach runs them down, but as a member of the painting gentry I can’t be troubled by the fate of lesser beings. (He says to hide the pangs of horrid guilt which derive from the pitiful wailings of the airbrush-less masses).

      On Dasher, On Dancer, On Comet, On Stupid…..On Vixen, On Blixen, and Rudolph, and Schlitzen! And all the rest, here on Gilligan’s Isle!!!

  3. Stay calm and drink beers
    Youre much smarter and reuditer than 98.3 percent of folks who do modeling blogs, videos, articles, many of them being “product placement”. Thing is almost every product receives such treatment.
    So don’t vorry so much, be hapski. If you teach with a paint that works well that works
    for me. Letting folks know they will have to work at it after teaching the basic knowledge is fine. Im guessing theres a zillion airbrushes gathering dust or orbiting Betelguese because folks didn’t find it was easy magic.

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