Death and the Maiden

I’m too lazy to take photos today. So I’ll use old photos– if I use photos at all.

I just met David K. Smith, and now he may be gone. He was a nice guy. I only knew him for a short while. On the internet. For a moment. And then he vanished.

I’ve been following the blog of Kevin Callahan for years.

He may be gone, too.

Read about them on their blogs and you may draw the same conclusion.

Dammit. I hope somebody posts an update. This nameless mob is made of people.

I sense the passing shadow when I read about an “estate sale” on eBay. Obviously, some guy died. In the universe of plastic model kits, we seldom see an overt reference to the fate of the original owner. It’s feeding time at the lion cage… BARGAINS!

In the model railroad universe, we see actual references to the departed. People sell off their collection, but they also pay homage to the guy who’s work is being auctioned-off. This seems more fitting… to me.

I was moved by this:

Carla and Colby Blackmon fundraiser for funeral expenses.

I don’t know these people. I don’t really “know” David or Kevin, but I know enough to feel pain because even in the virtual world where children do not know their parents, a “virtual” bond may form between travelers on a Greyhound bus, rolling across the Oklahoma prairie.

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