Eduard’s Eternal Adolescence

I noticed at one of my favorite websites that Eduard has re-released what must have been a good seller for them. A reboxing of Hasegawa’s 1/32 P-40N complete with hilarious “EduArt” on the box top.

I’m not going to convince anybody that buxom females are bad for business. But being an old guy and feeling a certain amount of sympathy for the boys at Eduard, I’d like them to know that this kind of blatant goofiness reminds me of a time long past when adolescent sexuality was constantly being dumped on everybody in America in the form of advertising. It had to do with the average age of the average consumer. The reason that I’m blogging about it now is that this wacky painting is such a wonderful summation of how sex and sexuality have been pulled through the great social taffy machine during my lifetime. The average age in this country is older now, so we less and less of this stuff. In the Czech Republic, I guess the average age is lower. A lot lower.

If I wrote that the Eduard gang are “alienating” women with that “art” I’m in danger of getting myself in trouble. How do I know what alienates women? What gives me the right to speak for them? So I’d better not go there.

If I suggest that this is in extremely questionable taste, I’m just another old sore-head who’s too old to understand. But I do understand. That’s why, in general, Eduard’s sexual ads alienate ME. Once upon a time, I let my gonads do my thinking for me. Like most young men, I went into the great battle of life unarmed and unafraid, certain that I’d be rewarded for my mere existence with a suitable partner and tons of broken hearts among the women I’d left behind.

As I’ve matured, experienced real life and my testosterone has declined to a safe level–I’ve recanted everything I used to think. I’ve found myself reading about the antics of today’s young men and shaking my head in amazement. Yes, it’s true I didn’t know what I was doing at the age of 21, but now, I am here, a font of infinite wisdom ready to coach the younger generation and let them enjoy the benefit of my vast experience. If you need to know anything–just ask!!

Needless to say, my words of wisdom, sometimes delivered with the most sincere concern for the wellbeing of my fellow males, are usually rejected without comment. Old guys just can’t tell young guys that they have it wrong. After all, what does some old grandpa know about sex, anyway?

Just one thing. Eduard guys–all guys–just treat women like human beings, and treat all human beings with respect. Nice guys finish first. No, really, they do. It takes longer, but life is like a baseball season. It’s complex math but it’s not insoluble.

Just be human, and get rid of that damned boxtop painting.


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