Episode 19: An Internal War

Yes, that’s right. ANOTHER exciting episode. I can’t get the “link” to work properly and if you can’t log in and access the story– well that’s life. I’m not going to worry about it. Did I mention that Amazon is paying me a little money to do this? It’s the about the same amount I could make in a month holding a “HOMELESS” sign down by the overpass– but it’s something.

2 Replies to “Episode 19: An Internal War”

  1. When is Porco Rosso going to show up? Oh, I guess he’d have to trade his pontoons in for wheels.

    This episode very well written, Love the Disney connection.

    1. Porco Rosso will be absent from this work. Apparently, I offended the Japanese with my “Tang” joke, so they wouldn’t license any characters to me without charging outrageous amounts.

      Similar to the cost of Tang.

      Disney, of course, did the “art” for the Flying Tigers and the Eagle Squadron. It made sense that he’d get involved with the Lions, if they existed.

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