Episode 7 of Lion Squadron

Okay, okay. I’m learning about this Kindle Vella thing, and about posting stuff on this blog, and about writing stories that are not boring AF (I hope) and you lucky folks get a front row seat, and cannot be blamed for thinking that I am some kind of nut job, because reasons.

Episode 7 of Lion Squadron

I’d just like to point out that doing this reminds me of that old movie Living in Oblivion. I can’t get the link-o-matic to work correctly when it comes to “embedding” this info in a blog post. It just don’t work. “Sorry.” Then I try to just make it a simple link, and THAT don’t work either.

How do people stand this? Sure, it’s (sorta) free but WordPress is just so damn awkward unless you really, really study it. How do so many master it? Do they work on it during those endless, horrible “lectures” that they still do at those horrible time-wasters called “schools?”

That what I’d do.

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