OMG Means I Love You!


I started to type “wow” but “woe” came out instead.

I’ve been vaccinated for covid. I have this thing about patriotism that might a bit difficult to understand for some folks. Anywho– or anyways– or anyway– or anyhow– I get the mRNA vaccine from Moderna, and I’m happy that that was the “vaccine” that I got, but I’m near and dear to people who think that this whole thing is very suspicious. I mean the pandemic, the vaccines, the works.

They ain’t buyin’ it.

Now normally I’m a very skeptical guy. But… for the love of Joe DiMaggio and all The Christian Saints basketball team, how does the WHOLE WORLD end up in a huge conspiracy?

I mean. C’mon. Really.

But am I the only person who is worried by THIS:

The author THINKS they are selling some shoe polish now, boys. Hell yeah (he he he) step right up and GET YO SHINE! But the article, as slant-o-matic as it was, failed to sell me on the idea that I should not be worried. Even the disclaimer/correction/footnote is disturbing.

For the love of Cheetos stop the madness. I’d like to get off now, please.

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  1. I also find some of the Atlantic articles to be weird. Sounds like DUH. The world is so nutso the journalist guys don’t know how to write about it with a straight face. So they just write batshit crazy stuff to get ya to read it, to sell copies.

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