Frank’s Neon Models

This model of an F-104 was built by Frank. Frank is lagging a bit in the “tell the whole internet about your entire life” race so I don’t know Frank’s last name. He builds some beautiful models.

Here’s a link to Frank’s site. I like Frank’s approach to scale model building. I’m willing to guess that Frank spends (or has spent) a lot of time around real airplanes. People who are around the real things tend to see the obsessive desire for “accuracy” as being, well, dorky.

Carry on, Frank. Carry on.

2 Replies to “Frank’s Neon Models”

  1. Surely accuracy isn’t an obsession though metalsurfaces surely look so. I really like this. 🙂
    I think You’ll find his last name in his modelbuilding. 😉

  2. What an artist, his work is amazing. He certainly loves that candy apple red. As for him being an internet enigma, click on his “About Me” link and he gets pretty gabby. If he was building kits as a 7 years old in 1937 (maybe that should be 1973) he is 87 years old! He was an Engineer for GE, so he either designed Jet Engines or Vacum Cleaners. He is retired and sells gemstones from PA. Listening to Chuck Berry has taught me PA is Pennsylvania…(Pittsburgh PA). He must be a Steelers fan as well. Cheers Tex.

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