Future Shock

In the future, we’ll all go through “temporal events” every twenty years or so. Everything from the previous two decades will be old/obsolete/out of style/hopelessly old fashioned. “Virtual Bonfires” will consume anything remaining of the previous twenty years.

By everything, I mean everything. Credentials (like an M.D. or C.P.A.) will no longer be valid. An M.D. will be able to practice for a total of twenty years, including time spent in medical school, then their know-how will be dangerously out of date and they will be forced to retire at about forty.

Anybody who attempts to “keep up” will be seen as highly suspicious. Most people over forty will be seen as useless to the economy. However, a “safety net” will keep all the old-timers from becoming destitute.

People who work in fast-food or something equally challenging will face exactly the same thing. Don’t think they’ll escape it by being “unskilled.” Even burger flipping will become completely foreign every few years. I don’t put the “twenty year” limit on there because I think that will be how long it will take for new information to replace the old. That should happen in less than ten years. Twenty years is the amount of time it will take for any person to be so out of touch that they are no longer an asset to their profession/employer/whatever.

Being “current” will be something that only the young will experience, but they’ll experience it for only a short time. People will out-live their ability to adapt. Most of us will be long past our expiration date when we finally expire.

4 Replies to “Future Shock”

  1. yeahhhs…been written about in Sci-Fi years back, can’t remember who. I think this reality scares a lot of blue collar folks, and they don’t even know how wide the education/intelligence divide has become. A major rift in society that widens every few months. They can’t stop the steal or the acceleration of change, easy prey for Face Book algorithm created conspiracy theories. Our grandparents got smart, inherited smart, got trained/educated, or worked in the coal mines. Nothin new there.

    1. Ting!

      The little timer on the wall says you are too old to have an opinion.


      Meanwhile, let’s do some pronunciation drills:

      Buh-er in the baa-er makes it beh-er what’s the ma-er did I stuh-er?

      Keep saying it until you get it right!

  2. TING! I’m Back.
    So it rose up from the vast depths of my mind…
    I BELIEVE, that, the reason the Michigan militias (nut cases), nothing like what the Founders had in mind, are so crazy is… There’s a long history of generations of proud auto workers, many of them skilled tradesmen (on my Dads side).. fearing, resenting change, resenting Asian, “‘Grand Prix”, Black, Hispanic and HillBilly invaders (my folks on mamas side)..scared white, hah, by mile long Robot assembly lines..their own cherished companies, heading south, leaving them in the Jetsam of Detroit and outliers. Devastated while States Like Tennessee prosper under their Asian and international overlords. Who give not a Rats Ass about Michigan. The boys from Michigan feel quite powerless, so gather up power equalizing assault weapons and band together like any good pack of Neanderthals. Never understanding that the powers have heat wave microwave weapons to heard them all in the long march to those secret stockades in the desert.

    1. Now goddammit I want everyone to look at this here comment. That’s the way to comment on this blog. Totally and fearlessly batshit. Well done, Trooper DuBey!

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