Gang Aft Agley

I’m going to post Episode 9 tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. I spent a lot of time today having a strange sort of back and forth email conversation with somebody I’ve respected and admired. Over the years, I watched this fellow grow from a little sapling into one of the mighty oaks of his field, and I was surprised and flattered when he answered my email and then, when I answered back, he responded again and so on until we had quite a correspondence going.

But now I’m having to admit that this person that I admired is a bit– unstable. The emails seemed bizarre, even as jokes. You can laugh off one weird email, but not half a dozen. It’s obvious this person needs a major vacation, or something.

Damn. This world we are living in right now seems to be sucking the sanity out of people. Even stable, reliable people are starting to lose it. I’m sure you’ve noticed it. You can’t drive a mile down the road without dodging a crazy. You have to double-check every item at the super market to see if it’s been opened and somebody took a bite. There was a shooting last night in my neighborhood. Found the body this morning.

Right now I am working extra hard on maintaining my mental health. It ain’t easy. I have to put out the effort every day to stay in the green zone and remain calm, centered, and relaxed. We all need to take a deep breath, let it out, and carry on with pride. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Have compassion for the people who are losing it. They need kindness, not hysteria.

I’ve been cranky lately and a little nutty. On each day I chalk it up to experience and then I erase the slate. New day tomorrow. New challenges. I’m learning about writing. This is good. For the first time in my life, writing is actually helping me to keep both feet on the ground, and it’s because I’m focusing on telling a story, not on trying to make my mark as an “author.” It’s all about the craft. Do what you do well. That’s all you can do.

Uncle Comfy and I will make peace some day. I’ll even find it in my heart to forgive the color experts in the sweet by and by. Probably in the here-after but hey, that’s something. I’m going to make a commitment right here and now to turning down the heat while remaining f*cking entertaining and loyal to both of my loyal readers. I do need to find that program that inserts the name of the person who is reading the website into the blog, so I can thank you, (insert name here). Way to go, big fella.

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  1. Yeah man, exactly. THEY have made everyone so gun crazy all THEY have to do is sit back and watch, let the fire of CHAOS burn, mebbe throw another piece of kindling on now and then.

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