How to Pronounce “Case X”

As we all know, the F-102A Delta Dagger came in two “versions”– a fact which is now just an incredibly annoying micro-detail to everyone but a typical plastic model kit fan, who will probably want to build a model ensuring that the version of the model being depicted is correct for the markings chosen. The versions in question do not really reflect the complex history of the F-102, with large and small tails and rockets and so on. What they reflect is the damnable nature of the plastic kit hobby. We hobbyists, as a group, seek out and find ways to criticize each other’s work, and, this case, the devil is in the wing-tips.

To break the balls of your buddy at the IPMS meeting, just point out that the markings on his pride and joy were present on a jet with “case XX” wings, while his kit, quite obviously, displays “case X.”

The horror!

By the way, if you feel the need to do this, be sure to get your pronunciation in order. “Case X” is pronounced “CASE TEN.” “Case XX” is pronounced “CASE TWENTY.”

Don’t forget! Otherwise your intended victim will be left an opening to reposte your attack by pointing out that only a weenie would say “CASE ECKS.”

Case ECKS indeed! Photos can be faked… but at least I know how to say it! Good day, sir! Good day to you!

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