A Farewell to Arms

This blog, from the beginning, has been about my cutting myself free from the online community, and setting up my own little, private echo chamber for me, myself, and I.

But, at first, I didn’t have the nerve to actually declare independence. This led to a lot of really awful whining about the “state of the art” and I’ve reached the point where I’m making myself sick. It’s time to go. It’s time to raise my hand ’cause I’m SURE. It’s independence day. It’s time to move on from my pitiful whining about “others” on the internet. I’m done with it. I’ve been hanging on to the online world as if that would make me more okay with me, but I’m not happy with myself and so it’s time to do something.

I’m going to get my model kit news, from now on, using the proper sources–retailers, manufacturers, maybe the 72 News blog (as long as no drama ensues) and a feed from these guys.

I’m saying goodbye, not only to really annoying forums like Hyperscale, but to ALL forums and ALL blogs. If the ones I choose to frequent, or the corporate sites from Revell or Airfix or Tamiya, go all weird and turn into drama queen hangouts, I’ll jettison them like a flare over Baghdad.

I’m an artist. I do something I love, for me. I don’t sell what I do nor do I care what other people think of it. I thought this blog would be helpful to others who want to learn more about building plastic models in a “greener” way, but mostly I just wanted to blow my own horn.

So what?

I can’t learn anything anymore from the forums. They teach one way. Pre-shade. Airbrush. Panel line wash. They teach their way. It’s not my way. Not my way.

So I’m eating my own pie.

Die clean, white man from town. Die clean.

And stay tuned for more adventures in brushery.

3 Replies to “A Farewell to Arms”

  1. I do like your outlook on the hobby. It seems like if don’t build 1/48th scale, along with all the techniques you mentioned, the cool kids (or so they think) will ridicule, ignore you or more.

    Never was part of the cool kid pack and have always preferred my own style and thing in the hobby world/life. I enjoy your blog and look forward to the new entries.

  2. Yar matey, raise the Jolly Roger.
    I’m 75 this year. I love the vintage kits from the 50’s – 60’s. I got back into modeling by restoring my Aurora Dr.1 and Nie 11 last year. I also appreciate the great strides made by folks like Eduard et. al. On the other hand I’m sick of the obsessions with endless versions of Me 109, Tiger tanks etc etc.

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