I’m Not Overthinking, You’re Overthinking

These two models were built by a guy named Jeff from Northeastern Ohio.

They showed up on a thread on the Model Cars Magazine Forum. I found this while doing some basic research on my search engine optimization.

The discussion was about painting model car bodies with brushes instead of poisoning yourself, your children and seven generations of innocent puppies and kitties with your vile chemicals…

Um… So the discussion is about painting with a brush, and if you read it (READ IT, DAMMIT) you’ll see that things get a little “hot.” Way more heated than they should, for what seems to be no reason.

The problem is that a forum participant is being a jerk (no news there). But they way he comes out swinging–not just being negative but on the ATTACK–is just bizarre. He acts like painting a model car with a brush is morally wrong. Like it threatens his manhood or something.

As I said, read the thread. There is a very cool link to the website of a dedicated brush painter who is a professional model builder. His name is Paul Keefe and he does some amazing work with no airbrushes due to “allergies” which is similar to my situation.

Several of the really offensive posts on that forum were deleted, probably by the original poster. He probably just flew off the handle because the whole issue of getting a good finish with a brush is a “sore spot” for him, and if he’s in a bad mood (like I am now) and his cat just died and his boss is a jerk–well, the first time some lying S.O.B. says he brushed on a high gloss paint job then our angry man is going to go off. He…just…can’t…stand…it.

But our man is probably suffering, not from an inability to brush, but from a lack of good information on the subject, a lack which I am seeking to alleviate, and getting damn few rewards and honors for doing so (the Oscar and the Nobel don’t count).

I want to help the frustrated would-be brushers of the world. But I can certainly see why there are so few of us. We get no respect. We are thought to be liars or goof-balls or crazies. We are hunted down like witches of old Salem and burned.

I tell ya, it’s tough.

Incidentally, to get a high gloss finish like those on Jeff’s outstanding models, just use Tamiya Gloss Acrylic and you’ll get a shine that does not require polishing or buffing (or varnishing or any other misuse of language). After the first coat, subsequent coats must be applied jack-rabbit quick with no hesitation. This is a video showing it.

2 Replies to “I’m Not Overthinking, You’re Overthinking”

  1. Lovely work on the diorama site, and all with acrylics. Amazing.

    The cars, however, were done with enamels. I know, I know…Darth Vader uses enamel paint 😉 I have tried the tamiya gloss, and it can produce excellent results, though it is not as easy as gloss enamels for that kind of finish.

    I realised that there was probably and angry man on that thread, but was unprepared for the level of hostility this person came out with. ‘Hatred’ would not be too far amiss in this case. I have been called a ‘non-serious’ modeler before due to my (largely) brush only painting, however I must admit to having defenders leaping into the fray and putting said people in their place. Lets face it, pick up a ‘how to’ book (or website now) on modeling, even going back to Shep Paine, and there will be the inevitable “but if you are at all serious about the hobby, you will get yourself an airbrush”.

    When I turned, like yourself, back to the brush, i was unprepared for the lack of empathy or help out there for anyone serious about learning and mastering brush painting and brush effects for scale models. I got a lot downpat for armour models, though the figure side is still a little lacking, and I picked up many a tip from yourself which has helped a great deal with aircraft, which are a different beast to armoured subjects.

    I think there is a silent majority our there though, and I have really seen this on the ‘Quick Kits’ youtube channel, where the young fellow has a large following of diehard brush painting fans, and does some stellar work with his brush, especially at his age.

    Theres hope out there.

  2. Thanks man. “Quick Kits” is an amazing product from a young man who will go far if he avoids all worldly temptations. I’m going to keep on posting an occasional note about painting in between my lunatic ravings. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out how to address this box of worldly temptations…

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