I’m Taking Another Stab at Patreon — and A Public Service Announcement

Ahem. If you want to read a shorter, and much better, version of this post go to this URL:


To continue…

My plan is to charge money for the privilege of communicating with me. I know this flies in the face of all that is holy and a long tradition of moist bottoms resulting from “customer service” if-you-know-what-I’m-sayin’ — however I believe that I’ll never be able to cover up my true nature as the kind of guy who’s willing to put up with stupid questions as long as I’m getting paid.

Also, to quote The Joker in the movie “The Dark Night” —


So there we have it. During this transitional time, I’ll be accepting input here on the blog as to just how many Dachshund puppies will have to be eaten to make my plan a reality, as well as make sure that my core group of supporters here get some kind of free ride…

Oh, did I let that slip?

Let the games begin, and here’s hoping that my first ten bucks is truly earned and well spent.

My Patreon Page, in all it’s GLORY:

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