Saying Goodbye to the Infernal Spitfire…. AND OTHER HAPPY NEWS!!!!

Saying goodbye to the Eduard Spitfire. I really, really wish that this kit had been easier to build, the paint had flowed on like silk, and the whole experience had opened a door to a new world of fun and adventure.

But it didn’t.

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  1. Good Man, save your sanity for later, you may need it.
    I am one who tends to become obsessed with a particular paint (Revell Aqua because I love the colors) only to find that it requires a whole new learning curve and sifting through tons of bad ideas on the Utube etc.
    On the plus side I’ve been taking a legal mushroom powder (Lions Mane) for my cognition and LO! it actually works, I am thinking better, improved my memory and general cognition, and I can actually organize things. I really know it works, because my Wife is also trying it and she agrees, and if she says, it must be true.

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