Iraq Like Me

I’m posting a document here that is important and everyone on the planet should read it.

Report on Iraqi military during the U.S. invasion.

If you are half smart and can read, you should be able to digest this. It is a blow-by-blow description of what amounts to a very, very strange bunch of stuff that happened in Iraq before, during, and after the U.S. invasion in 2003. The site where I got this has been disappeared. It used to be

I’m not going to tell you what to think about this. Y’all are grown ups and can make up your own minds. But if you don’t read it, well, you had your chance.

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  1. Makes sense, the high military echelons know thye will be defeated and move their best assets away, either to fight another day or to sell them, i also believe that contrary to what the movie Iron Eagle tries to sell, maybe there were not a lot of able pilots.

  2. Saddam was Dumber, more paranoid and evil than I ever thought possible. Worse than Stalin –

    What really blows my mind is the fact that the Iraqi airmen kept trying to help their country in any way at all. Very sad and incomprehensible.

  3. A scale model question, am i just a horrible scale modeler,or am i just bargain hunting too much and that is is the reason why my models come out so bad? some of the kits i have purchased lately are from brands like Academy, hobby boss or Swan. Either the parts do not match well or i just stink at this hobby, maybe both. The question is can you guys share the best brands and the brands to keep away from?

    1. The answer is as simple as it is impossible. Building scale models from kits is a very, very difficult thing to do. If you’re really, really good at it, you’re right up there with any other person who wins gold medals, or trophies, or gobs of money, or has their name put up in lights.

      Except you don’t get those things. So is life unfair? I suppose it is, if you measure “worth” in dollars. But that’s no way to do it.

  4. Indeed. There are a lot of kit build reviews on the webs, I find some very useful intel about kits and often very helpful guidance on building.

    I am currently, misguidedly working on perhaps the worst kit ever. It is the Glencoe Albatross D.III, both the german and Austrian versions. None of the parts fit!! period. The fuselage halves are totally out of shape, none of the upper and cowling parts fit, the guns are hopeless blobs, struts are fragile, and the wings though commendably thin are going to be a hassle to fit up and on.
    I am informed that the manufacturer has not made any of these since 1998, he only keeps them in the catalog to appease dealers who still have some in stock. There is a long sad story about what could have been a great kit is so miserable. So I am Kit bashing mine to a fictional Austrian high altitude version for the Alps.

  5. Yah. I could do a diorama of pilot having a hearty bowl before taking off to do battle with lasagna crazed Italians.

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