Recent Adventures

I put away the trains, for now. I’ve also built a few models. Before the trains I built an Airfix F-80. After the trains came a Hasegawa 1/72 P-47. Finally, an MPM P-40F. Photos later.

I bought a few magazines off of eBay. The August, September and October issues of Galaxy from 1975. This was where the novella “Inferno” was first published. It may also include Spyder Robinson’s review of the new novel “Star Wars” by the unknown author George Lucas…

I bought the Goshawk decal sheet from Starfighter.

Also picked up an Airfix SM. 79 and a Testors F-18A.

Then I ordered some Marmite in a jar from Amazon. I’ve never eaten it, so we’ll see if I like it.

There are some Me-262 decals from The Ministry of Small Aircraft Production. We’ll see if they turn yellow as they are rumored to do…

I also ordered a Hasegawa Rufe. I intend to paint it in a gloriously lavender shade, intended to match the one in Leynnwood’s painting of the Aleutian Tiger.

Finally I won (barely) an eBay auction for some precious, precious Falcon Tru-Vax canopies of French aircraft. This will provide clear parts for my Super Mystere and Ouragan and maybe a couple of WWII planes.

So, here I am, not doing my proper job and not supplying proper photos or proper links or anything. Why do I find that funny?

Oh, I got the first of the Covid vaccine shots today…

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  1. Have had both shots, second one really convinced me it was working.
    Labouring over the Alpentross (great name Dan), next big chore is hassling the wings in place.

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