Mad Hatter Update

Everything is going smoothly except for one small glitch that was, really, expected. All the paint is behaving properly except for the “ultra mix” of MM Acryl, Golden So Flat and Windex.

This paint showed some evidence of crazing in a couple of tiny spots. This indicates that the difference in drying times between the MM Acryl and the Golden So Flat is causing problems. The So Flat just dries so fast it’s a problem, really. The MM Acryl remains “wet” for much longer.

Golden makes a retarder that might help. I have some retarder from Liquitex and that seems to help some, but using “the competition’s” product is a little scary, since I’m just enough of a bitter old man to think that Liquitex would deliberately queer their stuff so it don’t work with Golden paint.

Yes, I’m mentally ill.

So on we go with our experiment! You and me, boy! To the great white north! There’s nothing to worry about!!!

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