More About Vocab Blurring

Here is a very interesting article about certain things that say something about certain things:

This is completely mad but, of course, you can read it and everything.

So what does this mean? Is it legit to just whale away at words, making stuff up and not worrying because all you need “the first and last letter?”


Maybe. Maybe it does. So “glitter” and “glisten” are basically the same word to our harassed commuter, trying to read an Amazon Kindle book on their phone on the goddam subway. But what is “glister?” can we just munch these words together and get super words? Can’t decide on “slap” or “smack?” Try “slack.” Slack is good.

Hail Bob.

3 Replies to “More About Vocab Blurring”

  1. I prefer smap, say it quickly and loudly and you can feel the power behind it. It’s what people who frequently use the semicolon to give off the impression of intelligence deserve to get right in the face.

    “I write; therefore I am.” SMAP!!!

    Just going to reply to your previous post here too. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Powers That Be had an ongoing psy-op or two aimed at driving a wedge between the young and the old. After all, it’s a lot easier to mold the opinions of those who don’t care to profit from the experience of those who came before. Make them run away from everything the previous generations knew to be good and true, right into the welcoming arms of those who love creating new meanings for words like “equity” and “diversity”. OK boomer?

    I had a look at some of your old blog posts on the Wayback Machine. It’s a pity they’re no longer on your current site, I enjoyed reading them.

    1. I dig that psy-op thing. I don’t blame younger people for being upset. They are getting a raw deal. But blaming ME is not the solution. I am powerless. Look at my pitiful blog. Blaming me will not solve global warming. All I want is for somebody to think about the difference between “flutter” and “float.” Do butterflies float? DO THEY??

  2. How bout ‘NitroGlisten’??, does it cause a Glittering death

    Are there ‘Glistenatti’? I wanna be one anyways.

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