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I’ll write a little every-other day or so to keep myself engaged on the blogging plane.

Yeah. That’s what it is.

This Hasegawa (ex-Mania) Ki-27 was built in order to get-my-dead-ass-moving. The need to GMDAM is paramount. I’m at an age and a time in model-building life where I just don’t give that much of a damn most of the time. So I have to dive into things and do them for FUN ONLY. No need to compete with other manly men on the field of virtual battle.

Fun. Take it seriously.

So here’s a little model of the Nakajima.

All that’s missing is the anime girl.

In these blog entries, I’ll discuss “what went wrong.” Things going wrong is a big part of this hobby. We strive to do something and we fail and we get up and do it again. In this way, we learn.

On this kit there is a little nub that is supposed to force you attach the cowling in the “correct” way. But it’s stupid. Most of the “guidance pins” on kits are stupid AF. I tend to cut them off (but I’ve learned the hard way that this can’t be done with impunity). In this case, though, the damned little tab caused exactly the kind of problem that these damned things cause.

The issue is related to my special friend super glue. When you’re in a hurry, you reach for the good stuff, and you glue something cross-ways because the glue “catches” and you can’t un-glue it without a hammer. In this case, the super glue on the cowl piece “grabbed” before I had a chance to line up the asinine little “nub.” So it’s a little “cockeyed.”

What should I have done? Well, I should have CUT OFF that nub. That was my mistake. Maybe the scribed lines would have been out of alignment, but who is going to notice that?

Not me.

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  1. Very nice build, Dan. Nice to see you back on the blog. Missed you over at the Airfix Tribute forum.

  2. One of those rare moments when superglue does what it’s intended to do! 😀

    I try not to use superglue except when inavoidable – such as underwing stuff.. You know the times when the piece of ordenance without alignment pins have to be placed and aligned and it just settle within a thousend of a second. Totally misaligned of course. Just one of those times. 🙁

  3. Hey Dan
    Good to see another useful and encouraging group of modeling adventures. I’ve been out of it for last few months due to health issues.
    Really like the metal paint video.

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