Paint Review: Vallejo Metal Color

…and some photos of the finished products.

A High Planes/Hasegawa/Revell kitbash.
Hobbycraft F-86F
Revell MiG-21F
  • Self Leveling
  • Need for Additives
  • Coverage
  • Proper Drying Time
  • Compatibility
  • Stippling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Adhesion
  • Line Drawing
  • Color Selection
  • Smell
  • Price

Double-Plus Good

It’s very, very difficult to review this product. It does so many things well that I tend to want to ignore the frustrating stuff. That’s not really good. Here’s the most important thing: you must have at least a tiny bit of patience. Don’t rush it. Let it dry for a  few days before you try any weathering or panel darkening or anything else. It has to lose all tackiness before you can apply any kind of powdered pastel or charcoal or graphite. 

13 Replies to “Paint Review: Vallejo Metal Color”

  1. Thanks for the video – will have to try it out. Have used Vallejo’s metal by brush seems never to really dry up though the stuff seemed better once it was poured into a pot with a large lid so able to stirr the stuff.

    1. It doesn’t dry? The stuff I have dries at warp speed. Are you sure you don’t have a bootleg version? Perhaps spelled “Valejo?” Check where it says “made in China” an see if they’ve misspelled “China.”

  2. hello brushpainter

    thank u for your advise ,,, y just tried metal color yesterday , it’s amazing !!
    y tried true metal and mr color paint , and in my hand , the result is bad
    y have a good result with model color valejo metal but not the level of metal color

    did you thin the metal color ?
    after ? a varnish ?

    Again ,,, thank for your advise ,, y can start my f86 now !!!!!!

    criss from france

    1. No, I did not thin it (it’s very thin). I did not apply any varnish to the metal surfaces, but I did brush some clear flat over the decals themselves. Obviously, this requires a steady hand… as they say.

  3. ok
    your f-86 _seem very shiny !!!!!! only one coat ?
    but , sorry , y don’t understand what you did on the decals ,,, you put something on ?

  4. Hello brushpainter!
    Thank you so much for your fantastic video and info!
    I am getting ready to do a 1/32 F-86D ad will use your method!
    What do use as a primer? Your model is beautiful!
    Thank you again for sharing your method, and please advise about the primer you use!

    1. I sorta recall putting on a “base coat” of my favorite “primer”– good old Polly Scale Medium Sea Grey.

  5. Do you have a li k to your video on how to brush paint a metal finish, the link above isn’t working?

    1. My next project will be a bare-metal finish. I’m trying to decide which kit to do it on… maybe I’ll ask the assembled multitude?

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