My Amazon Review: Battle of Britain Aircraft by Ray Rimell

FOUR out of FIVE stars.

Not THAT bad. This book was written years ago–but it contains good information as far as it goes. The important thing is that newer references can’t always be trusted–BECAUSE they are newer. In our world today the assumed partnership between author, publisher and reader has been corrupted in the name of profit. New references are MORE likely to contain falsehoods intended to help sell the book, because we model builders are prone to accept anything from a “respectable publisher” as fact–and we are always looking for new facts in order to build more accurate models. This makes us the lawful prey of individuals who are willing to falsify history in order to sell it.

This very nice little book was written before this deplorable practice became widespread and, although it lacks proper footnotes it’s not so far wrong. I don’t trust “new research” unless it is thoroughly documented. It is sad but true that the ethics of the”fly by night” home repair swindler are now a part of the publishing business.

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