No Wing Root Gap. Ever.

Here’s a video on the remarkable solution to one of life’s truly difficult puzzles. It also tells you how to glue the wings on a model plane, for what that’s worth…

I was just looking at the result of this– and, once again, it worked perfectly and saved me from a bunch of hassle trying to fix a mangled join. I’ll be featuring this prominently in a future video.

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  1. Hey Dan.
    I tried another brand of the Citrusy glue, but it didn’t work well at all.
    This video shows how to use it correctly. I’ll buy some Microscale and try again.
    The Spitfire wing, I’m wondering if Eduard mismatched the wing and fuselage. There were so many different Marks of Spifires, and wings, it would be easy to do. And Eduard may have said, “Aww damn, ehh just shove em out the door.”

    1. The wing is one thing that fits pretty well. The problem with it is a little difficult to explain… I really need to make a video. Strangely enough, MOST of these little 1/72 fighters have the same issue. Eduard’s problem is really not that bad, but if I hadn’t done this I would be very, very unhappy right now. The problem, if it’s allowed to happen, is not easy to fix.

      As far as the cement goes, I had to learn the hard way how much “strength” the Micro Weld actually had. I spilled a whole bottle onto an Italeri LaGG kit and it righteously MELTED THE PARTS. The effect was impressive, if somewhat sad. The thing about this type of cement is that it takes time to work.

  2. The wing fits great at the fillet, but the extra chord bit is what bothered me.

    I ordered some Microscale on Amazon, the reviews there are positvely gushing about how good it is.

    1. No– the way Eduard designed the kit, part of the fillet is actually molded into the lower wing. It’s weird but it works– as long as you use a nice big clamp to keep it all together as the glue dries. Again, the “tolerances” are razor thin, and just a teensy bit of flash will cause problems.

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