Other Worlds

The world of plastic model kits is strangely isolated. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the fact that many plastic model kit builders are strangely isolated– but the upshot of this is that we hobbyists often fail to look outside of our comfort zone for useful tools and materials.

Although I do like Vallejo plastic putty, I have a suspicion that a better and (relatively) cheaper alternative exists in the art world. I finally purchased a couple of jars of a material called “molding paste.” One dried into a lump that was hard as a rock. Not really workable. The other material remained slightly soft when cured– like PVA glue. This was Golden’s Molding Paste.

It works well for filling gaps like this:

You just smear it on with your finger then wipe off the excess. It can be painted immediately. I’m planning to get some of Golden’s new product– called Hard Molding Paste– which can be sanded and, possibly, at last, end my quest for a good filler.

All the ideas on this blog were developed through trial and error. Without doing experiments and trying new products, I can’t find alternative, low odor ways to build models.

The P-47 is coming along nicely. Almost ready for the first coat of Metal Color.

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