Primer Primer: P-47N Part 7

Because I have already stated that I am not a builder, you will not be surprised to learn that this is NOT my favorite part of the build. In fact, I usually deliberately avoid this type of fill and sand model building. But there’s no way around it this time. My approach is very primitive. I don’t claim to be an all-star builder. I fill with the excellent Vallejo plastic putty, then let it dry good and hard. Then sand away like a maniac using my Sonic Scrubber as much as possible to avoid work. Then I finally give up and put on a coat of paint to try to cover up my mistakes.

Or do I?

Perhaps I could just call the coat of paint a “primer” and pretend I’m using paint that requires a “primer?” Then I could pretend that I’m not just trying to cover something up! Genius!

Here’s the first coat of “primer.”

He he. “Primer.” Get it?

Anyway I realize that I’m doing something that’s really not fair. I’m “making it look easy.” I’m not saying this to sound pompous. I do that anyway. I’m saying it to point out that blurry photos and a coat of paint do not a fine job make. I work fast because I have been at this a long time, but the work I do is not that good. It’s OK. Sort of. But it gets by because my experience gives me an “expert boost” even when I’m not trying for a home run. Experts work differently than beginners or middler-roaders. They (we) don’t make the thousands of micro-errors that plague the beginner. We take the “right” path to the goal without too many side-tracks. That’s what’s meant by “making it look easy.” The only way to avoid this problem in teaching is to make a video.

Which is a wonderful segue into my learning to use a video editor. I finally settled on VSDC because I’m cheap and my equipment is old. But I know that a lot of other options are out there, so if anybody, I MEAN ANYBODY wants to drop a comment recommending a video editor, go right on ahead.

Meanwhile we have the underside of the P-47N, which is where a lot of serious filling went on in order to move the gear wells outboard.


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