Paint Review: GSI Creos Acrysion

I think I promised to review this paint, so here goes.

This is, in fact, the “ammonia” paint from GSI Creos (Mr. Hobby) and it’s just fine. Fine paint. The catch is that it’s GLOSSY and I’ll be damned if I can figure out why. But the whole GSI Creos line of paint features a LOT of glossy colors, and this stuff is “semi-gloss.”

WHY? This color is “sail color.” CANVAS. Since WHEN is canvas glossy???

I down-graded Xtracolor for being glossy, but really, if you’re willing to dump some flattening agent in there, it’s not bad. This paint MIGHT be semi-gloss because the original Luftwaffe paint was semi-gloss, but when Testors pulled that nonsense I was hoping that this kind of thing wouldn’t spread.

I guess I was wrong.

Well– it’s good paint, and the Mandela effect has eliminated the “fact” that flat paints craze when painted over gloss– so we don’t have to worry about that any more.

But really– is there any point in reviewing paint when we live in a universe where things just go blooie?

Blooie. It’s a word. Look it up.

The problem is that I just quit trying to integrate my “semi-gloss” paints with my other paints. Too risky. Now that I’m trying new things and blasting into different orbits, I still find myself wincing when I try to apply semi-gloss paint. My hand just stops and I can’t get it to move.

But this is quite mad. Quite, quite mad.

Here is a “test subject” with the Acrysion paint applied, then finished with a coat of Golden Matt Medium.

It works. It also does not reactivate when a second coat is applied, and it’s self leveling. You could do a lot worse. But how can give this stuff a good rating when I didn’t give Xtracolor a good rating.

I can’t.

  • Self Leveling
  • Need for Additives
  • Coverage
  • Proper Drying Time
  • Compatibility
  • Stippling
  • Fingerprinting
  • Adhesion
  • Line Drawing
  • Color Selection
  • Smell
  • Price


It’s not bad. In foreign countries where nothing else is available? It’s good.

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  1. Kablooie…
    If you haven’t read Fate Is The Hunter, by Earnest K. Gann may I say I believe it is one of the best books about flying ever.
    Bluie West One was a secret USAAF base in Greenland, on the ferry route to England. It was at the end of a narrow twisting fjord, so if you missed your approach you could easily blooie on the mountainside..

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