“Wounds My Heart With a Monotonous Languor”

Yes, friends.


The German Invasion of the Continental United States has begun.

I wandered into one of the three remaining “real hobby shops” in the twin cities and found something marvelous. A Revell paint rack, containing the usual Revell stuff. Both the enamel and the aqua were there. The full line. It was lovely to look at. I didn’t have my phone (this is possible, kids–without surgery) and so you’ll just have to imagine me acting all weird.

Go ahead.


This unexpected development is the latest in my never-ending quest to find paint, use paint, and otherwise do painty things. I visited some local shops, including Hub Hobby in Little Canada– where I found the glorious Revell rack in all it’s blau glory. I don’t know if Revell paints will soon be available everywhere, but they are sure as hell available HERE.

But I didn’t buy any of the paint. I have TOO MUCH PAINT now. Another “cannister” of paint is just so much extra stuff I don’t need. So, despite the fact that Revell makes good paint, I didn’t buy it (today). What I did buy was a bottle of Testors excellent clear parts cement & window maker. I don’t know if this stuff is going away or not. The helpful hobby shop employee didn’t know either.

So I bought a bottle just to sure that some of the stuff is on my workbench when they come to bag it all up and toss it away or give it away to deserving youngster who’ll want nothing to do with it.

Internet business idea (worth several billion): A website where one’s “last will and testament” can be written, witnessed and made legal in real time, as well as updated depending on your mood and relationship with those no-good kids and exes.

Hey– Silicon Valley will now make a huge fortune from my idea. Lawyers! Am I right?

I also stopped by Dick Blick’s and picked up a bottle of Golden “Open Thinner” for experimentation with the SUPER fast drying So Flat.

That is all.

Carry on.

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  1. So I fell for the MMP big load of Jumbo BS. I really wanted it to work for me, Acrylic and safe to Airbrush and and and, yeh it’s ezpz, What it didn’t work, your fault you horrible little worm. They belittle and cuss whiners on the phone even. Well screw that them those they and they mamas.

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