Patience: Hurricane Part 9

The idea here is to fix something that bugs me. I’m not going to correct every error. Just the stuff that I don’t like.

For example.

The “spine” of the Hurricane should extend under the sliding canopy. This is hard to replicate in plastic. Revell just chose to omit the part of the aircraft’s “spine” that is under the canopy. Hasegawa added a “spine-like part” that extends under the canopy–but it’s not really accurate because the thick canopy part can’t fit over the spine like the actual canopy.


Yeah. That’s right. VAC! The vac canopy CAN fit over the proper “spine.” So let’s fix that spine thing.

First, we add some Vallejo putty in there, and wait for it to dry.


The first application of putty shrank badly. So did the second application. So, a third application is applied and left to dry.

(chirp…chirp…chirp) <–THIS IS CRICKET NOISE!

So we get this.

Sand down and touch up the paint.

Then we cut out the canopy and test the fit.

It’ll need more trimming, but once it’s cut into two parts, it will fit just fine.

Stay tuned…


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