Photo Realism Part 2: Hellcat Part 8

Anyone who has followed my antics at The Airfix Tribute Forum can tell you that I go through all the stages of perfectionism when I make a mistake. First comes denial, then anger, then rationalizing, then depression, and finally I repaint it the correct color.



It may not be absolutely, positively correct according to Hoyle’s Fifty-Second edition of Color and the Single Girl, and my L.A.B. may be drooling on it, but it’s better than it was and has the proper contrast to the intermediate blue. I also lowered the demarcation

But the way, here’s the awful/wonderful Humbrol brush that makes an outstanding stippling brush.

Palpo! Guaranteed to have Mad Cow Disease.


2 Replies to “Photo Realism Part 2: Hellcat Part 8”

  1. They do have a set of stipple brushes for sale…perhaps they sent the hair to the wrong factory, hmm.

    I think you have the colour in the ballpark now. Perhaps a satin sheen would take it that little bit further.

    So, do you sort of dry brush this stippling effect? or is it totally reliant on the specialised Humbrol not a stippling brush?

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