Reviews Updated

I changed the review system and updated a number of paint ratings.

Mostly, I removed the ratings for “availability” and “packaging.”

Since Testors went away I can’t afford to ding some paints for being put in stupid plastic squeezy bottles. I also don’t want to ding them for being hard to find (and maybe requiring you to order the stuff from Poland).

These ratings dragged down good paint and buoyed up lousy paint, So I removed them and “tweaked” a few items to make it more clear how I sincerely feel about certain brands of paint.

I can’t lie. I like brushing Tamiya but I can’t give it higher score because it’s a bitch to learn to use. The rating of Vallejo Metal Color is now “sincere” and I took off points for difficulty. It’s just hard to use and hard to learn.

Or rather, it’s easy to learn but hard to master.

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