So Low Down Look Like Up

Hello friends.

Well, the Youtube business is tough. I tell ya. But we communications professionals will carry on without fail. Even when the entire family is ill and the dog is insisting that NOW is dinner time and then pees on the carpet.

Even then, the true patriarch must temper his judgements and respond with clarity and compassion.


My Youtube project was commenced in order to help me to deal with what appeared to be a rapidly approaching mental health crisis that was going to affect me as well as everybody else. It’s here, now. I see the crazies on the freeway and the weirdness happening in my neighborhood (including people sleeping in tents, which is no small feat in Minnesota) and I can feel my own level of mental health gradually being corroded by the very real approach of  something that some people call The Singularity.

This “thing” is not imaginary. It is ALREADY here in some ways, and it’s picking up speed. Already, we can see that healthcare, banking, and other things are becoming more and more “mechanical” and we see our relationship to the world becoming like that of a human being relating to a machine,

It is going to get worse.

I’m not sure what to say. I am sure, though, that a having a hobby that you can really “disappear” into is critical to maintaining one’s center. On line amusements, no matter how compelling, cannot take the place of time spent at the workbench.


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  1. You too eh?

    Yeah, I try not to engage with news or friends political postings.

    I do try to keep modeling sanity. Restoring a Wedell Williams Red Lion Racer I started 30 years ago.

    I take great pleasure in old kits, Auroras for sure, Monogram, FROG. Hope you will soon publish more lessons.

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