The Impossible HAPPENS!!!!

I added some videos to my Youtube channel.

Yeah, I didn’t think it would happen either.

The thing is, I convinced myself that I’m doing this in order to learn how to make videos and put them on Youtube, so that I’ll be ready when I start my REAL Youtube channel!


I want the videos to be short (under ten minutes, preferably under eight) and my video chops are so sucky they make new Simpsons seem good. So you’ve been warned, again.

Here’s one that’s an “intro.”

Here’s one that kicks off the actual “instruction” for all that’s worth.

9 Replies to “The Impossible HAPPENS!!!!”

  1. Dan you did it! Great to have you back.
    I think good pacing, gives one time to think about what you’re presenting.

    I’m going to look for some Poly scale.

  2. Well I decided I won’t buy any Polly Scale. I don’t want to have too much paint on hand, that might not get used before aging out. It appears that Polly may not age much, but I just invested in Revell Aqua color and will wait for your presentations.
    Also discarded a significant amount of Mission paint, that does age fairly quickly, plus chose not to engage in the complex and evil Alchemy required to use them.

  3. I just finishing watching your excellent ‘How I Paint With a Brush (DEMO)’ video. When it was over YouTube automatically cued up another video called, ‘How I improved my airbrush skills with a colouring book to paint an Airfix 1/72 Fiat G 50.’ I kid you not. It seems the YouTube gods just can’t accept any airbrush heresy 🙂

  4. So I’m looking over my Revell Paints, At least 3 bottles starting going solid, but will stir back to life. I’m decanting them into proper airtight screw cap bottles.
    Revell would do themselves good if they would switch to better bottles.

    1. Revell only gives me trouble if I thin it with water. It has a tendency to “bead up” when it’s thinned with water. Windex takes care of that, though. This, by the way, is a subject for a video where I show the “beading up” process and how Windex solves the problem. I hope you are in a Windex-friendly country, my brother.

      1. I did spring for a bottle of the Revell ‘thinner”?. It worked very well the one time I’ve tried it.

    1. I’m allowing this comment (despite the fact that it looks like advertising) to re-state my founding principle that I never use paints called “enamels” because they have to be thinned with petroleum distillates. That’s the “short version” and maybe I’ll rant about it in the near future. Stay tuned.

      No enamels.

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