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Keeping y’all updated on my progress. Right now, I have my “studio” just about set up. The pantry/man cave/television studio has been modified and re-arranged to allow for three cameras, a USB mic and the laptop sitting in the midst of it all controlling the entire shebang.

One camera is hanging over the desktop, looking directly down at the workspace, and another one is pointing at me from the side, and I intend for the format to be me talk–closeup–me make amusing comment–closeup–me be very entertaining–closeup (of the painting/building/whatever). This format should ensure vast income.

The old, old laptop.

I have a new and exciting intro that I made using special secret magic. It kicks so much ass I can hardly believe it. I hyperventilated so much I almost had a panic attack.

Now all i have to do is shoot some videos and learn how to edit.

There are at least twelve different GOOD editors. There are about six “free” ones. And about three “free and good” ones and they are all different and all capable of all kinds of stuff– BUT!! — there is no way to identify WHICH of these programs, er, “apps”, are any good. I have to do “trial and error” because as soon as I believe some nerd on this, I’ll find out that they really prefer Doink’s Super Editor because the stroke key is assigned to the most used function, and it’s right next to their deformed pinky finger so they can type really fast using it.

Not really applicable to me– but geniuses lack a bit in the “theory of mind” department.

So that’s where things stand. Lighting is coming along and only a few models were smashed into tiny bits during the remodeling.

Why do you think they call it “re-modeling?”

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  1. Final Cut Pro on a Mac was great when I last used it about a decade ago, don’t know how it is now. Vegas Pro is decent enough but make sure your hardware is compatible.

    1. You are a brave man sir .
      Putting yourself out there is not easy.
      Even though I was a filmmaker, I never was less than panicy nervous in front of a camera. Im ok now that Im an old guy, And its easier when you believe in what is being said. Also a bit of righteous indignation is better than a little whiskey.

    2. I understand that starting with “beginner” tools is a recipe for failure, but my inner chicken is steering me towards beginner-friendly OpenShot and MiniTools Movie Maker. My biggest challenge is my inner Bart Simpson. As long as I can convince myself that I’m not really trying, I’m fine. But as soon as I realize that I’m “really trying” I tend to choke. Time will tell…

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